BAND SAW - V 5060


The band-sawing machines of the "Vertical Line" represent the most versatile solution for a band blade cutting.

It's very easy to operate and thanks to a wide table with T slots, it allows different kind of workings even with very big material, in addition to a big cutting capacity, and it can be used for different fields.


- Big cutting capacity

- Cutting capacity at angle till 60° from vertical axis of the blade

- Frame rotation through a geared motor

- Extremely easy to operate

- Cutting speed variable through an inverter

- Frame structure in welded heavy sheet

- The clamping vise can be positioned on the right or left side of the blade

- Wide table with T slots

Horizontal capacity

mm 510

Vertical capacity at 90°

mm 610

Vertical capacity at 45 ° left/right

mm 380

Vertical capacity at 60 ° left

mm 230

Blade dimensions (lenght x width x thickness)

mm 4745x27(34)x0,9(1,1)

whells diameter

mm 510

Table height

m/min 970

T slot


Working surface

mm 850x710

Maximum vise opening

kW 550

Vise height & width

mm 175x322

Main drive

kW 3

Hydraulic unit motor

kW -

Coolant pump motor

kW 0,15

Reservoir capacity

l 90

Blade speed

m/min 12-150

Feed force

Kgf 0-60

Overall dimensions

mm 2250x2200x2340h

Net weight

mm 1500

saw - sawing system



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